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Sutra House

Riehen, Switzerland
Etudes 2016-2018
Realization 2018-2020

A Space for Meditation, Yoga, Nutrition, Therapy and Healing Arts.


Set into a forested hillside near above the Rhine valley and village of Riehen, Switzerland -  A sanctuary where one can re-connect to the inner life. Sutra House is designed as architecture and spiritual space for contemplation & connection, nourishing the body & mind.

We created this vision of Sutra House for many reasons, but they all share a similar thread: promoting an integrated, meaningful, and healthy relationship to our life. The various types of Inner-work happening here - art, food, yoga, insight, meditation, therapy, and contemplation - all provide insights into the things that shape and create our life - exploring the “nature of things”. Learning offers us new tools to make our shifts in our life and within our community. Cultivating an attitude of community allows us to stay present to our environment, challenging our lives with a compassionate response.  

Sutra House offers a breadth of programs in a variety of formats;  from drop-in classes and day-long events to retreats lasting from a weekend to a week. Art and music openings share space with classic yoga and meditation retreats and seminars. The space is ideally suited for any small group gathering to do “inner-work”.

For dedicated practitioners in their fields, we offer continuing education programs. We also offer classes online and align ourselves to local and regional resources that are shared with our clients and friends.

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