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Fibre Tower Office - Golf

Lima, Peru
Competition 2014

Tender for an office building for the main headquarters of a real estate company in Lima. The plot of land is located in the Combate de Abtao park, on the corner of Camelias and Amador Merino Reyna streets in the San Isidro district, Lima. 

The structure, the aesthetics, and the construction of textiles have constituted a reference and inspiration for architecture throughout history. Under our own continuous line of research - which considers Peruvian cultural heritage as being respectful of classic modernism and in search of a contemporary vocabulary - a facade was designed composed of several elements that, in conjunction, generate a kind of loom that provides depth, texture, and warmth to the building. It was made up of prefabricated concrete trapezoidal elements from the rhythm of the structure of the building, which balance the density of the facade and generate greater protection against sunning. 

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