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Skyscrapper San Isidro

Lima, Peru
Competition 2014

The project takes place on a site next to the largest green area in the city of Lima: the Golf Club. That is why the building is created under the premise of the visual, seeking to have the least impact on the landscape and rather considering the issues of lighting, circulation, distribution, and privacy.

The lot, which has two fronts, benefits from a third free one within its perimeter. Thanks to the staggering required by the urban parameters, we turn a rule into a virtue for the project, being this the key point to develop the strategy of the general orientation of the social spaces in the three typologies.

Finally, a proposal with spatial quality is born, which translates into the projection of volumes and spaces of double-height. Spiral duplex apartments that endow them with virtues such as natural light for social spaces in all its depth. Corner spaces are located in a cascade way towards the internal front of the lot and Belen Street, which provide beautiful views of the city and the sea.

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