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Courbet College

Zurich, Switzerland
Competition 2016

The project is located in the center of a plot transformed into a park. This urban insertion defines the square typology whose center is constituted by a vegetal patio that is articulated with the park. The program integrates urban life with school life. Spatially said elements are organized in a system of two rings. One exterior, in concrete, organized on the ground floor by functional blocks that articulate the volumes that make up the public part: library, sports hall, dining room, and support room. The first floor, a space dedicated to the school, houses the classrooms located around the central patio. The inner ring defines the corridor and becomes a veil between the arborized garden, providing a notion of interiority to the project.

The typology of the building, designed as a cloister, is inspired by the galleries of traditional Japanese houses, thus creating a place for recreation.

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