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Lima, Peru
Studies 2018-2020
Construction 2021-2022

Matellini is a housing and commercial project located on Matellini Avenue in Chorrillos, Lima Peru. Being a few meters away from the last station of the subway, it offers a strategic position in the city of Lima with quick access to the different transportation channels such as the station and the Panamericana Sur highway. Also, being surrounded by different supermarkets, shopping malls, and restaurants, this characteristic invites to create a neighborhood life and enjoy its atmosphere.


The project proposes a mixed-use between commercial and residential access. The first floors are dedicated to the rent of offices and commerce, and the following ones as housing use.


The architectural proposal plays with materials and proposes a facade with details covered in ceramic. This particularity reflects high-quality features and guarantees long life. At the same time, it is combined with a system of hermetic windows that weave a mask of protection against city noise and dust.


The inside courtyard, which operates as a light well, gives a fundamental luminosity to the living spaces and common areas.


It also allows for a coexistence that looks into space which generates a calm atmosphere.


The distribution and the functioning of the spaces translate a contemporary way of living which allows important flexibility in the variation of the spaces.

200325_07 matellini close up-2.jpg
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