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House Extension

Faraya, Libanon
Studies 2008-2011
Construction 2011-2013

Faraya is located in the mountains, behind Beirut. In summer, works as an escape from the heat of the city and in winter there are ski activities. The view of the Mediterranean over the City of Beirut is breath-taking.


The civil war has left deep scars though: in the people, on the houses, and even on the landscape. The house to be remodeled was never hit by a bomb, but was not used during the war years and is a typical example of a haphazard concoction of concrete rooms.


Now, a modern Lebanese house has been created and provides space for children and guests. The spatial structure of the extension defines a modern space continuum and, at the same time, contains elements of the traditional local Lebanese architecture. The built-in room furniture and the wall niche are such typical elements. The volume dividing the three levels is a complex object. 

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