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Primary School Neuveveille

Friborg, Switzerland
Competition 2015

The extension project responds to the urban context in which it is registered and constitutes a complementary, but autonomous, annex that highlights the existing building. Thus, the insertion of the new school, oriented perpendicularly, defines the space of the patio and creates a harmonious transition between classic and contemporary.

The body of the triangular building reflects the topography, the built environment, and the surrounding vegetation. The internal organization of the building is distributed in such a way that the functional spaces are located to the north, while the classrooms open to the south and the green spaces.

The details of the facade materials evoke elements typical of the city of Fribourg and create a link with the vernacular architecture. It is an open-door school, its disposition creates a large number of places that lend themselves to dialogue, concentration, and games. 

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