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Grosshof Bridge

Kriens, Switzerland
Competition 2016

The bridges and their superstructure present a specific functional framework that manifests itself in the design through a tectonic articulation and representative aesthetics. The individual tracks are regrouped in a bridge body as stems that gradually separate into fibers. The extremes show different geometries and relationships with the terrain respectively. On the Sonnenberg side, the two bridges are geometrically introduced with great precision under the ground. On the opposite side, the roads converge towards the highway while the lateral curves describe the regional roads. These elements define a diversified end that is amalgamated with the landscape and the topography.

The plastic and aesthetic effect develop analogously to the morphology of the landscape, resulting in a large sculpture that is integrated into both the urban environment and the territorial horizon.

141_PLA_170419_MIXED 3D vp Picture # 1.jpg
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