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La Sauvigne

House Extension

Thonons-les-Bains, France

The minimalist architecture of the project with its simple but expressive volumes und homogeneous materials seeks to enhance the quality of the existing house and avoid any heterogeneous element. The cladding frame reinterprets the moldings of the existing house. Although seemingly monolithic in appearance, this extension is designed as a shell, closed but not opaque, which can be opened towards the exterior to allow for vistas and control the light incidence. Although identical, the façades are treated differently. French sliding windows allow more opportunities to tier the transition between public and private, interior and exterior spaces, offering residents high-quality spaces. The existing cherry-tree is also part of this set of filters and gradations. Entirely made of wood, this architecture very effectively responds to the new thermic requirements, while reducing the impact of construction work on the site.

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