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Huenerwadel Partnership is an international architecture office that works between Switzerland, Perú, and the Middle East. Founded in Basel in 2003 by Nicolas Hunerwadel, the studio counts with a large spectrum and variety of projects around the world in different fields from uni-family homes, collective housing complexes, workspaces, to industrial buildings and theatre sets.


In this way, they propose a method which includes a multicultural and interdisciplinary work system. By using and finding an intersection between art and architecture they sought to engage both approaches to address the different geographies, landscapes, and weathers in which they get challenged/involved/confronted. They adopt this theoretical reflection in order to guide a construction that establishes a direct correlation between the project and the specific social space in which it is created.



Nicolas Hunerwadel  / ARCHITECT


Basel, Switzerland


Nicolas began his studies at the Technical Federal School of Zurich (ETH) and obtained his Diploma of Architecture and Urbanism in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Geneva.

Before opening his own architectural studio in 2003: Hunerwadel Partnership AG, he worked twelve years as the principal architect in the largest planning and construction firm of Switzerland. From 1998 to 2003 he led the project development department specializing in the redevelopment of industrial areas and brownfields into multi-use complexes.


In 2008 he founded Hunerwadel Architectures SAC in Lima, in order to consolidate his architectural activities starting in 1997 in Peru.
In the academic field, he initiated a Master’s program in Urban Development and Urbanism as a joint program to NTNU and URP as well in Lima. He is a critic and a lecture at different universities in Switzerland and Europe.

Victor Pazos / ARCHITECT

b. 1983 

Lima, Peru


Victor began his studies at the Ricardo Palma University (URP) in Lima Peru and then transferred to the National Superior School of Architecture and Landscape of Bordeaux, France, where he got the Degree in Architecture and the Master in Urbanism. Later on, in 2010 he got a second Master’s Degree in Architecture and Philosophy at the National Superior School of Architecture of Paris-La Villette with the thesis “Theodor Cron - Ipséité et Architecture”.


He works in Hünerwadel Partnership since 2007 where he has been the project manager architect of the Real 8 Tower project. He has been a partner of the studio since 2012 and participates in the development of European and Peruvian projects.

Rütiring 40, 4125 Riehen. Basel, Switzerland

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